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The Health Curriculum at Waller Junior High is a high school credit course. Once students complete the requirements and pass the course, they will enter high school with a credit and will not have to take the class again.
The Health Program combines comprehensive and accurate health information with real life application. Students are able to apply what they learn to everyday life and develop healthy behaviors that will last a life time.

The knowledge and skills students learn include the following:
  • Health promotion and disease prevention
  • Environmental influence and community health
  • Researching, accessing and analyzing health information
  • Building and maintaining relationships
  • How media and technology influence individual and community health
  • The importance of proper nutrition and physical activity 
"It is our goal to better prepare each student for decisions they will have to make concerning personal and family health, in an effort to ensure a long, prosperous and healthy life." - Kathy Bankston
Health Team

Kathy Bankston

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