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Welcome to Keyboarding

Keyboarding skills are becoming more and more important in our high-tech society.  In this computer-oriented era, keyboarding skills are essential for rapid and efficient means of communicating.  This High School credit semester course is designed to develop basic keyboarding and computer application skills for personal and business use.  Business applications covered are on networked computers using Microsoft Office 2003 Professional including PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Access. 

Course Objectives:
Students completing this course will be able to:
  1. Input alphabetic data using the touch method on a computer keyboard. 
  2. Input numeric and symbol data on a computer keyboard.
  3. Use correct key stroking and keyboarding techniques, including position at the computer terminal.
  4. Keyboard at a speed of at least 25 words per minute on 3-minute timed writings with 80% accuracy.
  5. Use word processing skills to format reports, tables, and business letters.
  6. Use Microsoft Office 2003 Professional applications and apply the programs to activities and applications in the student textbook. 


Course Description:
  • The Keyboarding class is broken up into three marking periods.
  • The emphasis in the first six weeks is learning the proper typing technique and proper stroke for each alphabet and numeric key. Students will be evaluated with timing tests, posture observations, and various typing assignments.
  • The second six weeks we will continue learning new keys, such as the Keypad and function keys. Students will also learn about various business documents including block letters, memos, modified block letters, how to create tables, etc.
  • The third six weeks students will learn about resumes, reports, outlines, etc.
  • The goal is at the end of Keyboarding the students will be keying a minimum of 25 words per minute with 80% accuracy.  Although we will work on proofreading documents, I strongly encourage students to try and key as close to 100% accuracy as possible.
  • There are typing sites that students can use at home to help improve their skills.
Keyboarding Team

Kathy Bankston

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