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Waller Jr. High golf is a relatively a new addition to the broad array of UIL sports.  Any student eligible to participate in UIL competitions is eligible for golf. Each student who wishes to participate in golf must have parental permission and they must pass a doctor’s physical, or have one on record. 

Students who are interested in golf do not have to have any experience playing golf.  Golf is a sport designed so that any person, in any physical condition should be able to play the game. 

Golf is a game invented in Scotland over 500 years ago.  Originally played by the upper class members of society but in recent years golf has become very open to the public.  Golf is played in almost every country in the world. People play golf for many different reasons one of those reasons includes playing it as a leisure relaxing hobby.  Others play golf as an intense sporting competition. 

Golf can be played as a academic team sport, Collegiate team sport, or even professionally. Students who participate in the golf program will be introduced to the history, and competitive side of the game.  Students will experience an educational and interactive after school activity.

Golf Coach

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